Too Close To Home Booking!

Had an amazing time joining the Tyler Perry family in shooting his new show on TLC called "Too Close To Home"! Was great to film in Atlanta, and see and experience all the excitement that is happening in the Southeast. Will be certain to let you all know when you can check it out!

Cusack at the Orange County Improv Festival

Cusack could not have had more fun that at the Orange County Improv Festival on April 9th. We were fortunate enough to be asked to participate by members of the community that we highly admire and respect, and to be a part of that, was something very special. 

Everytime  Cusack has performed at Spectacles Theater, it has always been an amazing show, with an incredibly supportive audience, and for that we are forever grateful. Plus there were TACOS! Delicious, delicious tacos! If your Improv team ever has the chance to perform at this festival and theater, DO IT! You won't be disappointed. Many thanks to Josh Nichols and everyone involved for having us.

New Website!

Thought that with 2016 upon us, it might be fun to revamp my Professional website. "Fun" might not have been the operative word per se, but it has been labor of love. I intend to keep it more updated with what's been happening in my Acting career.

Hopefully you enjoy the site and all the content that I've been in and produced over the years. Here's to much more to come!

Thanks for checking it out and your support,